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Center Profile

The Corpus Christi Cancer Center was formed to bring Corpus  Christi, the Coastal Bend, and South Texas, a comprehensive center for the  diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients. Operating within the Center  are two separate medical practices.

Cancer Specialists of South Texas, P.A. practices Medical  Oncology and Hematology. To compliment the physicians, Cancer Specialists of  South Texas, P.A., utilizes experienced Oncology Nurses and Laboratory  Technicians and maintains a state licensed Pharmacy with a Registered  Pharmacist and Technician.

Corpus Christi Medical  Center operates a Radiation Oncology treatment area in the Center utilizing a  Physicist, Dosimetrist and Radiation Technicians.

In September 1995, the treatment of patients began in a modern  facility known as the Corpus Christi Cancer Center. Located at the of corner  of Rodd Field Road and Williams Road (just off South Padre Island Drive) this  17,500 square foot facility provides complete cancer treatment under one  roof. Employing state of the art equipment and facility planning, the  building has 10 fully equipped, spacious exam rooms, a well equipped  laboratory for all routine procedures, an information library and meeting  rooms for individual, family, or group classes as needed.

The Chemotherapy treatment area consists of a pleasant, well  lighted area with 14 private infusion stations and 4 injection stations. Each  has its own television with commercial cable for entertainment and closed  circuit TV for individual education. There are central game tables for  patients who wish to pass their time with fellow patients or family as well  as a living room setting for both patients and family. There is a modern  Pharmacy for mixing and dispensing chemotherapy drugs and a central nursing  station providing a 360-degree view of the entire chemotherapy operation.

Radiation therapy is provided by a state-of-the-art Varian  Linear Acceleration and a Varian Simulator Sterotactic (X-Knife) capability  is available at the center. This is the treatment of tumors in the brain  without surgery.